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Mission Statement and Services

It is a privilege to work in the motion picture industry and we take the privilege seriously. Our mission is to produce custom logo and policy trailers of the highest quality. The goodwill of our customers and our reputation are of paramount importance.

Strategic Approach
Our strength is the ability to define and interpret the communications needs of our clients, and to translate them into a powerful image on the screen.

Custom Trailers
The trailer on your screen IS your image, so quality is our foremost consideration. From concept through each phase of production, we ensure a dynamic, positive impact on your business.

Your audiences require exciting sound, action and complexity to stay involved and entertained. The gauge of a trailer's effectiveness is longevity, as only successful trailers continue to engage viewers after many viewings. SmithGroup trailers receive unsolicited compliments from patrons, even after several years of service.

Conversion Trailers
Coming attractions, sound, logo and concession trailers available for conversion with your logo. Your logo is actually animated into the scene environment as a fluid and integral part of the trailer, not dropped in at the end. Conversion trailers utilize existing scene files of previously-produced, high-end projects, thereby offering you a custom trailer for a fraction of the original cost. Please call or write to discuss details.

Generic Trailers
We offer a select number of first class trailers as "generics" with no identifying theater circuit logo. "Feature Presentation" and "Previews of Coming Attractions" are available.
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